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January 28th, 2013
Tony is a proud new member of the staff at REDCAT in Los Angeles. REDCAT is a premiere interdisciplinary contemporary  theatre on the West Coast, promoting innovative visual, performing and media arts.

Tony is currently working on a wide range of wonderful projects outside of REDCAT including Nationwide tours with Sheetal Gandhi and Rosanna Gamson/Worldwide. With Sheetal Gandhi, Tony is working in SF, NY, New Mexico and Florida in the coming months on her one woman show, "Bahu-Bitu-Biwi", featuring her signing, dancing and performance skills. 

For Rosanna Gamson/Worldwide, Tony is still Production Designing her touring show of "Layla Means NIght", which is an exotic and eclectic evening of food, drink, smells and visual delights. 

Sheetal Gandhi Website
Rosanna Gamson/World Wide Website
LACDC Website
REDCAT Website

Featured Videos of Work:
The Arena - DS2dio
Layla Means Night at REDCAT - choreographed by Rosanna Gamson World Wide

Family Guy 
NCDC 2010 - choreography by Theodore Constant & Jennifer Bradford
Once Upon a Plie-Beauty & the Beast
Once Upon a Plie-Company Number
Uncovered - choreographed by Maria Gillespie

Lighting Design - Theatre & Film/TV

Scenic Design - Theatre